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What is Wrong with my DJI MAVIC PRO? Tips and Tricks | Problems with my Mavic

Giancarlo and Nick’s VLOG 016


I ordered my Mavic from Newegg

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The Mavic Pro is the BEST drone out right now. But as with any product, it is not perfect. Did DJI release the Mavic in a hurry? That may be a possibility since I have some problems with my Mavic. However, I consider myself somewhat lucky since I am NOT going to send it back. So far, the problems I have with it, I have been able to fix. I share with you those TIPS and SOLUTIONS to the problems that I encountered with my MAVIC PRO. I LOVE THIS DRONE!!! I think it is a milestone in drone technology and am ECSTATIC at what DJI has come out with.

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