Please watch: “How to crash a drone in 15 seconds. My first drone crash”


****DJI STORE***

***DJI Refurbished Store***

You can find models from the Phantom 3 series all the way to the Inspire series.

After my crash with my first drone I was very happy to attain this one. Not only does it shoot 4k video but because if it’s heavier frame, I am forced to fly more carefully and that is a plus for me.

My gear:

SD card:
Phantom 3 4k:
Phantom 3 Standard bundle:
Odec aftermarket battery:
Phantom 3 Standard just the drone:
ND Filters for phantom 3:
Phantom 3 Professional bundle:
Phantom 4 bundle:
Lighting equipment:
Smartphone gimbal:
Waterproof case:
Flexible tripod:
Heavy duty inflatable kayak:
Trolling motor:
Deep cycle marine battery:
GSM Samsung s7 edge:


Drone video
Drone crash
DJI Phantom
DJI Phantom 3
DJI Phantom 4

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