Did DJI just release the most fun, most capable drone yet? The DJI Spark MORE INFO: http://photorec.tv/spark

SPARK: https://bhpho.to/2qnFz1T
Fly More Combo (recommended): https://bhpho.to/2rH5K7T
MAVIC PRO: https://bhpho.to/2rGZooM
Fly More Combo (recommended): https://bhpho.to/2rjZItx

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The size and weight of the Spark is impressively small – I don’t have one so I looked around my desk for something that was a similar weight and found this 2Tb travel drive and with a rubber duck taped on top equals almost exactly the 300 grams or .66 lbs of the spark. For comparison the Mavic Pro is 1.66lbs and noticeably larger, even when folded and of course flies uch better than a rubber duck taped to a hard drive. Let’s hit a few more REAL specs.

The DJI Spark offers 16 minute fly time, shoots 1080 at 30fps and captures 12mp images, jpeg ONLY It uses a 25mm f/2.6 lens and the gimbal offers 2-axis stabilization Roll and Pitch. cost is $499 for drone and battery – you control with your phone(the DJI app) or gestures. And this is pretty cool – using just touch and hand signals the drone can take off from your hand, rotate around you, follow you, snap selfies or group shots and perform a few other prescribed routes while tracking you. Range of course is limited with gestures and even with the app you are limited to less than 100 meters distance. Buy the fly more combo for $699 and you get the controller that gives you a 2000 meter range, that’s more than a mile, an extra battery and charger, prop guards and a carrying case. Charging is done via USB which helps to keep this all very portable – though charging through the drone is slow 80 minutes, charging through the hub included in the fly more combo is faster at 52 minutes.

Let’s Compare this too the DJI Mavic
Which offers a 21-25 minute fly time – records 4k at 30fps as well as additional frame rates at lower resolutions including some for excellent slow mo – offers RAW or JPEG capture with a 28mm f/2.2 and a 3 axis gimbal Roll, Pitch and YAW – the footage I have captured with the mavic is just so buttery smooth – I suspect the Spark is going to be close, DJI is really good at that but some movements or in some winds footage is likely to be a little less smooth. Speaking of wind – The Mavic states a max of 24 MPh while the Spark gets a max rating of 18 mph.

Your range on the Mavic is significantly increased and with that additional flytime you can feel safe in going further and higher and knowing your drone will return. The Mavic sells for $999 which includes a remote- you can fly the mavic with just your phone but range is greatly limited, similar to the Spark and the Mavic does not offer gesture control for movement though you can do the selfie shot and simple tracking. The fly more combo gets you three batteries, a smart 3 battery charger (sequential- not simultaneously), extra props, a carry case and doodad that lets you turn a battery into a phone charger.

So which should you get? I think DJI offers nice differentiation here –

if you are looking for ultra portable, fun and easy the Spark will do the job. I just said on a recent video the best drone is the one you have with you and being able to always have this along is pretty sweet. But if you need to go higher, further and/or want 4K – you should consider the Mavic. And if you really don’t care about portability get the Phantom 4. You know the Spark really reminds me of the failed lily drone – remember that, it was on kickstarter – a little drone that you basically toss in the air for quick selfies and video of you in action – Well DJI took that idea and brought it to reality and at 499 I think this will sell really well. Though everyone should get the fly more – 16 minute flight time and an 82 minute charge time doesn’t really set you up for lots of fun. Having at least ONE extra battery is in my opinion mandatory.

More details and a complete spec comparison of the Mavic, Phantom 4 and Spark can be found at photorec.tv/spark. I’d love to know which drone you are most interested in and why – is the Spark enough for you? Leave those in the comments below. If you found this video helpful give it a quick thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe!

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