Yes I know, you bought the Spark to be a small, compact drone you can bring anywhere. Well if you want to get the most out of your little Spark, you’ll want to add a few accessories to your drone. I also go through some best practice preflight flight procedures, tips about using Gesture Modes, Tripod Mode and the joy of Sport Mode.


So what do I cover in this video? Here’s a list below:

1. Don’t fly indoors when you get your Spark
2. Calibrate your compass before you fly. The manual and the app show two different diagrams on how to calibrate. See what it says and what I heard from DJI
3. Get the remote for much more accurate and precise controls
4. Use a larger phone or in my case, I use a tablet for a much larger and clear video to help compose your shots
5. Use an MicroSD OTG cable for direct video link
6. Go through gesture tutorials first. Launch it from the app first, read through the directions and go through all the examples on screen.
7. Use tripod mode. What does it do and who is it for?
8. Sport mode makes it all worth it. Have fun with this mode.


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Gear used in this video:

DJI Spark:

Video shot on: Canon G7XMII –

Microphone: –

Micro USB 2.0 OTG Micro USB to Female:

Lighting to USB 90 degree:

Skytreat DJI Mavic controller transport clip:

MavMount iPad tablet holder for the DJI Spark & Mavic:
Type in ‘flytpath’ in the promo code during checkout

GPC Fly More Case:

Apple iPad Air 2:




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