Should you buy the new DJI Spark? Not sure if the DJI Spark has everything you need? Don’t even THINK of purchasing the new DJI Spark drone without watching this video first!


In this video, I rant while I answer any and all doubts you may be having about the new DJI Spark drone. Also, I tell you why and why you shouldn’t be making your next purchase of the DJI Spark. Obviously, DJI has much greater options available out there such as the Mavic Pro that I would HIGHLY suggest…but the purpose of this video is to show a solution that is THE SAME PRICE or less than the spark.

That being said, I would still recommend this drone to a set group of people. Obviously, it isn’t for everyone and for some it really does meet their needs and that’s great! I wouldn’t say that this is an absolutely terrible drone as it does have some great features that I left out of this video (VPS System, Obstacle avoidance, Sports Mode, and Hand Gestures.)

If you have different opinions than I expressed in this video, feel absolutely free to leave a comment in the comments letting me know what I got wrong and what I got right! I’m free to discussion over here on my channel:).


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