The Breeze Bridges the Gap from Yuneec To Mass Consumer Technology…

Yuneec is a major player in the drone industry, and ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, took the opportunity at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January 2017 to get some detailed information about the drone they call, the Breeze. To get the scoop, Jim met up with Trent Siggard, who is a Project Manager for Yuneec.

Siggard says the Breeze was designed to be the easiest drone to fly and is controlled through an app on your cell phone. As the video progresses, Siggard provides a detailed description of the control system, and our video covers every bit of it. It can be controlled through a cell phone, as well as an optionally available hand-held controller. It also has the capabilities of FPV, first-person view, which provides the operator with a “view from the cockpit.”

While it’s intended for personal use, its features clearly demonstrate that it can go beyond that. The drone’s 4K video imaging is also designed for stills, and its programming allows easy and immediate uploading to social media.

While this video starts out talking about Yuneec’s Breeze design, Jim also asked a few questions about Yuneec’s more advanced line of drones designed for commercial operation. You’ll see these in operation as well on the video.

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